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Hi! I'm Maddy. Multi-fandom blogger (Hetalia, Homestuck, SNK, Free!, Sherlock, etc.) They/them, INFP, Pansexual ♍
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Anonymous said: *coughcough*nerd*coughcough* #thisisnotwhoyouthinkitis #thatisifyouthinkitsthatuncutepersonyen #ifyoudothibkthatthenyouretotallywrongcauseitsnotme

*intense stare down*

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Our 2015 Homestuck Calendar will be available in a few weeks, and we reached out to some wonderful artists to contribute to it. Our 2015 calendar will be a collection of some memorable moments in Homestuck. 
Evan Dahm (twitter/tumblr) took on [S] JOHN. RISE UP. and brought this beautiful piece to the coming calendar. (Evan also has a Kickstarter going on at the moment.)
We’ll be featuring a new calendar illustration every day here on our Tumblr. 
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It’s internship season and I’m feeling pretty stressed! So here’s a stress relief drawing of stupid dorky boyfriends.
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good news, everyone: dogs

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the papers i write? gay. the art i make? also gay. even the noodles i microwave are gay

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I don’t even kno —-
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15/ ? Free! 500px gifs [re-started]
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im not crying theres just a bit of homework in my eye

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